Mission, Vision, and Goals


The mission of the Richard A. Henson Medical Simulation Center is to provide education, promote quality and patient safety, stimulate research and scholarship, and integrate evidence into clinical practice through the provision of invaluable simulation experiences for Salisbury University health professions students and area healthcare professionals.


The Richard A. Henson Medical Simulation Center strives to be the regional leader in simulation-enhanced healthcare education.


  1. Providing state of the science education for health professions students at Salisbury University by:
    • Delivering exceptional simulation experiences for students in a controlled and learner-friendly environment.
    • Providing simulations in particular clinical specialties where learning is limited by infrequent contact (e.g., childbirth), increased risk (e.g., neonatal intensive care), or lack of services in the region (e.g., pediatric intensive care).
    • Improving student performance and self-confidence in clinical care through opportunities for repetition of complex skills and situations.
    • Supporting programmatic expansion consistent with the university strategic plan
  2. Creating opportunities for interdisciplinary education that focuses on the development of team work and interprofessional communication.
  3. Increasing Salisbury University’s ability to offer continuing medical education and nationally standardized courses to practicing health professionals in the community.
  4. Supporting research and scholarship encompassing all aspects of medical simulation.
  5. Offering opportunities for community groups to learn about the use of simulation in healthcare education.
  6. Developing faculty expertise in the art and science of simulation as a learning strategy.