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Continuing Education & Professional Development

  • Human Trafficking Conference
  • 2019 Resource Fair Connecting Resources to Each Other 2

The Center for Healthy Communities facilitates in person and online professional development and continuing education events for the following academic disciplines within the College of Health and Human Services:

The events may be specific to one unit or interdisciplinary, with participants from multiple programs/schools. These events will be developed in accordance with each unit’s licensing regulations.

The Center for Healthy Communities will be responsible for:

  1. Coordination of speaker(s) and breakout sessions
  2. Seeking authorization for continuing education credits from appropriate licensing board/entity
  3. Development of contracts, as necessary
  4. Listing and primary marketing of event
  5. Managing registration and payment, including developing invoices as requested
  6. Technical support the day of event (online synchronous only)
  7. Collection of evaluations and dissemination of attendee feedback
  8. Issuance of certificates in accordance with each unit’s licensing regulations
  9. Payment to presenters

Fees for attendance/participation will be established based on length of event, speaker fees, and any other costs associated with the event. The Center for Healthy Communities will conduct ongoing market research to ensure fees are competitive with other programs.

The profit-sharing agreement for continuing education split is: 60% CHC, 40% School/Program. For interdisciplinary events, the 40% will be split across all relevant schools/programs. Funding will be disseminated after school and administrative costs are covered (staff positions, fees for authorization, advertising costs, etc.).