ROTC Scholarships

Salisbury University can offer you a variety of different scholarships that will fit your needs. Each scholarship will cover: tuition, required fees, $900/year for textbooks, and a monthly stipend.



If nursing is your professional goal, there is no better place to begin your career than Army ROTC. Army ROTC offers you a unique opportunity to gain practical experience while you receive financial assistance for college. Nursing majors compete for 2-, 3-, or 4-year scholarships.

ROTC enhances your undergraduate nursing education or graduate nursing education by providing the unique leadership and management training, along with the practical experience needed for success, either in the Army or in a civilian career. You will develop your professional skills while you learn some meaningful things about yourself and what you can accomplish. You will also develop leadership skills, self-confidence, flexibility, and adaptability while having fun.

You will be ready to take on the challenges of your profession in one of the Army hospitals in the U.S., Germany, or Korea.

As an officer, you'll have the opportunity to lead, advance professionally, obtain specialized training, work with the latest medical technology, and serve with other highly trained medical personnel as an important member of the health care team.

Army ROTC is where is starts for the future leaders of the Army Nurse Corps. Take advantage of the ROTC edge.

Simultaneous Military Participation Program (SMP)

The objective of the ROTC Simultaneous Membership Program is to provide more ROTC graduates for the National Guard. The SMP Program allows cadets to serve as officers in the National Guard while in college. As an SMP you will participate in drill with your unit one weekend a month and two weeks during the summer with pay and benefits. After graduation the cadet can remain with his Guard unit or accept an active duty position.

Benefits of SMP:

  • Receive experience and serve in a TPU as a company grade officer.
  • Compete to receive a Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty (GFRD) contract if desired. Non-scholarship students may request GRFD contract, and if approved, are assured they will have reserve component unit duty only.
  • Qualify for up to 100% tuition, based on in-state tuition rates.
  • For Soldiers and officers who have an existing student loan obligation at the time of enlistment in the Guard, the Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP) may pay up to $50,000 for certain jobs.
  • Receive pay as an E-5. An E-5 (2 year of service) is entitled to $279 for two days of drill each month. An SMP participant who performs 12 weekend drills per year could earn $3,348.
  • Receive a ROTC subsistence allowance of $350 juniors/$400 seniors per month for 10 month ($3,500 to $4,000 per year)
  • Receive Advance ROTC Camp cadet pay during the summer of your junior year (approximately $700)