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Secondary Education Teacher Candidates Go Back to School

SCED 210 Teacher CandidatesDr. Siers’ secondary education Living Learning Community teacher candidates from Salisbury University are having their EDUC 210 pre-professional course on-site all fall semester at Mardela Middle and High School. This marks the second consecutive year that this course has been offered at MMHS.  Ten teacher candidates (Ms. Kaiafas, Ms. Lahn, Mr. Lingenfelter, Mr. Martinez, Ms. Stallings, Ms. Towers, Mr. Wallace, Mr. Watridge, Mr. Wharton, & Ms. Yiallouros) and ten MMHS mentors (Mr. Davidson, Ms. Dorman, Ms. Ehrisman, Ms. Krygeris, Ms. Johnson, Mr. Bozman, Mr. Duck, Ms. Sann, Ms. Harman, & Mr. Abbatiello) are partnering in order to facilitate learning into practice.  Thank you to principal, Liza Hastings, PDS site coordinator, Cathy Ramey, and all of the MMHS mentors for your support.  We also appreciate Mr. Duck allowing us to use his room during 3rdperiod.  This on-site course is one of the many reasons why the SU/MMHS PDS partnership is nationally recognized for exemplary PDS achievement.

Mentor/Intern Forum VI

Mentor/Intern ForumSalisbury University recently hosted Mentor/Intern Forum 6.0.  With all six iterations, mentors and interns have become inspired and empowered in the events, which focus on beginning the internship experience with a strong working relationship, effective collaborative and communication skills, helpful personality profiles, and clearly defined roles.  One intern who participated in a recent forum stated, "The forum opened up the communication between my mentor and I which was very helpful. As a result I had a better vision of my responsibilities and how my mentor teacher and I would handle the experience together. Additionally I felt more personally connected with my mentor."  A mentor shared, "My intern and I felt invigorated after the forum!"  SU is proud to work with such dedicated mentors and interns.

Mentor Workshop Program Hits Milestone

Co-teachingSalisbury University's PDS program is proud to share a significant moment in our history:  This fall, we passed the 1090 clinical mentors mark, meaning that over 1090 mentor teachers who guide our teacher candidates and interns into the teaching profession have completed our mentor training program!  The mentor training workshop provides current and prospective mentor teachers with clarity regarding our teacher education programs' internship expectations and co-teaching model.  Teachers who complete the workshop are identified as "clinical mentors" and receive extra financial compensation each time they collaborate with a full-time SU intern.

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