Graduation: Audit/Requirements

When to apply for Graduation:

The semester before you anticipate graduating, alert your Faculty Advisor during Program Planning so they can complete a Graduation Audit. The Graduation Audit will inform you and your advisor of any necessary coursework required for graduation.

Apply for Graduation through your Gullnet account. Graduation application deadlines are:

  • November 15 for May/August graduation
  • May 15 for December graduation

Graduation Requirements:

  1. Be matriculated in the University
  2. Successfully complete at least 120 credit hours of coursework with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. Students must take 30 of the last 37 credit hours at Salisbury University.
  3. Complete at least 30 credit hours at the University by direct classroom instruction and/or laboratory experience and not through credit by examination
  4. Complete at least 30 credit hours at the 300/400 level with grades of C or better. Transfer students must complete at least 15 of their upper-level credits at Salisbury University.
  5. Satisfy the General Education Requirements
  6. Satisfy the requirements of at least one major program of study including the majors required GPA.
  7. Earn grades of C or better in English 101 and 102 or 103.
  8. Submit an Application in GullNet by the appropriate date.
  9. Make arrangements for the repayment of any outstanding debt.
  10. Return all materials borrowed from the library or academic departments.