Extreme Temperatures Expected Until July 23

Exhibit Presentation

Accepted applicants will have the opportunity to exhibit their business and/or product to our judges, invited guests and interested visitors.

Items can be:

  • Brochures, signs and displays
  • Business cards and information packets
  • Product samples, prototypes, and demos
  • Power requirements should be highlighted to the organizer via email to shorehatchery@salisbury.edu

Applicants should be prepared to greet, network & pitch their business plan at their assigned table. Judges and visitors will have appointed tour times.

Make your spot visually appealing and easy to understand. Competitors will be given a 6' x 30" table to share with a fellow competitor.

This exhibit portion of the competition will be used to help our judges meet the applicants in a friendly, low key, stress free environment and give them an idea of what you and your business are about.

For information regarding the event please contact us.