What Makes Us Unique?

We are located in a Business School.

  • One of the few Innovation Labs housed in a collegiate school of business.
  • Our student Innovation Consultants understand business and that products excite investors and lead to profits.
  • We are part of the Hub for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development. The Hub offers services such as business plan development and competitive investor funding opportunities. Work on your business plan while your prototype prints.
  • Rapid prototyping opportunities allow you to work on the marketing and customer satisfaction aspects of your design without waiting for months for shipments to come in.
  • Our faculty bring a multifunctional perspective from disciplines such as information systems, entrepreneurship, and operations management, and have partnered with other academic disciplines across the University.

We love to work with any and all academic disciplines.

  • The first Innovation Lab client to win investment money was a Biology major.
  • Our first Innovation Consultant was a Film Studies major. He now works in the private sector on Internet of Things development.

There is currently no charge for students.

Yes, you read that correctly. All of the 3D printing is free. Our Innovation Consultants will also meet with you and work with you on your idea for free. Want to learn how to make things yourself? Great, we'll teach you. More of an idea person? No problem, drop by and talk with us. If we can help you, fill out a work request and we'll get started. We want to see your prototype come to life. From smart devices to educational games to innovative science/art projects, we can help.