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Pemberton Historical Park

Pemberton Historical Park is comprised of 262 acres of forest, fields and wetland habitats. This area is a great place to explore 4.5 miles of trails that wind through a labyrinth of natural beauty, ranging from indigenous plants to many beautiful animals that inhabit the Eastern Shore. This is a great spot to stroll through on a leisurely walk, or even a good place to strap on the backpack and take the binoculars along in order to catch a glimpse of the wonderful wildlife.

The park consists of several trails, including, but not limited to:

  • The History Trail, which consists of a 1/2 mile trail, is perfect for a casual walk by the water.

  • The Woodland Trail is a 1.1 mile soft surfaced trail through the pine trees. This particular trail is great for bird watching.

  • The Pondside Trail will take you on a 1 mile hike past the pond and  meadow. This walk is especially beneficial to those who need a more relaxation.

For more information, please contact the Wicomico Parks, Recreation, and Tourism office:

Phone: (410) 548-4900

Website:  Pemberton Historical Park