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Eastern Shore Land Conservancy

Founded in 1990, Eastern Shore Land Conservancy is a private, nonprofit organization working to protect land and promote sound land use planning on Maryland's Eastern Shore. They have protected more than 38,000 acres by working closely with hundreds of landowners, and helped towns and counties make plans for the Shore's future that truly reflect the values and needs of its residents. Their vision in 2050 is an Eastern Shore where towns are vibrant and well defined; farms, forests, and fisheries are thriving and scenic; historic, natural, and riverine landscapes are maintained.

Saving Land on the Eastern Shore
Healthy farms and rural landscapes, an active fisheries industry and historic small towns and villages largely characterize the six Mid-Upper Shore counties on Maryland's Eastern Shore. A sense of pride and feelings of respect for the region are held by Eastern Shore residents. But to maintain the Eastern Shore we all love, as residents the ESLC must address the problem of land loss and become active in protecting our land.

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Eastern Shore Land Conservancy

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