Student Wellness Programs

Life is a Journey, not a destination


Holloway Hall

Wellness - What it's all about!


  • encompasses the active, lifelong process of educating ourselves and making choices that will lead to optimal health and a more successful and balanced existence.
  • is about embracing a way of life; an individual lifestyle based on one's abilities in striving for the highest potential for well being.
  • encompasses choices about our lives, our work, our families and our priorities that influence our lifestyles.
  • is about forming positive connections with others and fostering positive acceptance of one.
  • is multidimensional and is based on the premise that our minds, bodies, spirits and sense of community are all important and interrelated.
  • is more than a certain type of diet or exercise program, as it involves all facets of the body and mind

Enhancing wellness can be done by:
        - taking a walk every day
        - taking certain vitamins
        - avoiding certain types of food

See the
Wellness Wheel for more information about how the different dimensions of wellness work together to produce a unified whole!

Increasing Wellness
Increasing wellness enables people and communities to work together to the best of their ability. Stress Management, Nutrition and Physical Fitness programs can increase wellness individually or as a group. Physical wellness is extremely important, but it is only one facet of overall well-being. To increase wellness effectively, the harmonious balance between the life functions must be maintained. The simple way to improve wellness? Get involved!