Wellness Programs
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Occupational Wellness

Occupational Wellness focuses on achieving a healthy balance between class work, work and leisure time, addressing workplace and classroom stress's, and building strong relationships with coworkers and classmates.

Occupational wellness...

  • is your outlook on your work, class work, and career and involves finding ways to improve at work through skill development and active learning.

  • is the ability to make choices that foster positive attitudes toward work, class work, your co-workers, and classmates that will enhance your personal and professional satisfaction and promote lifelong learning.

  • requires knowing enough about yourself to choose a rewarding and fulfilling occupation consistent with your personal interests, values and beliefs.

  • is a major stress point for many people, especially with the busy schedule that today’s business world demands. The ideal work environment accommodates each person’s strengths and weaknesses in a healthy way; each person’s work is important.

Tips for improving Occupational Wellness:

  • Find a job you enjoy doing and work at it!
  • If your current job has you stressed, make sure to take time for yourself to calm down.
  • Attempt to build your skills for excelling in the workplace.
  • Maintain a healthy balance between work and recreation
  • Visit Career Services to find a job that’s right for you!
  • Talk to your co-workers about any problems you might have before a dispute happens.


  • Career Services- Career Services' mission is to empower students to identify and maximize the connection between what they learn and how they make a living

  • Volunteer Center- At the SU Volunteer Center, students can become involved with volunteer opportunities and community groups may request help from registered student volunteers

  • Upcoming Workshops- Career Services Workshops for students and alumni

Local Resources:

  • Snag A Job- America’s largest hourly employment network for job seekers and employers

  • Lower Shore One Stop Job Market- The Job Market features an array of employment and training services for job seekers and businesses, providing a broad range of workforce development resources and information in one location