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Emotional Wellness

Events: End your semester with a bang at Blowout Day 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Wednesday, December 10, in the Wicomico Room. Take a picture with Santa, paint a picture frame, make a stress ball with Student Counseling Services, decorate and enjoy a gingerbread cookie, and much more! For more information about GUC events visit

taking care of yourself so that you are more prepared to deal with life's stresses.

Emotional wellness...
        • is keeping a positive attitude
        • is being sensitive to your feelings and the feelings of others
        • is learning to cope with stress
        • is being realistic about your expectations and time
        • is taking responsibility for your own behavior
        • is dealing with your personal and financial issues realistically
        • is viewing challenges as opportunities rather than obstacles
        • is functioning independently but knowing when you need to ask for help

Aspects of Emotional Wellness

  • Knowing how to seek support
  • Knowing how to effectively deal with stress
  • Relationship Status
  • Family Environment
  • Self-Esteem Taught
  • Love Instilled
  • Education
  • Values/Morals Shared
  • Charity
  • Shared Feelings
  • Security
  • Friendship
  • Fellowship
  • Interacting with Others

Tips for improving emotional awareness:

  • Build an awareness and acceptance of your own feelings and moods.
  • Find a way to encourage positive thinking and self-acceptance.
  • Have a clear understanding of one’s feelings, abilities and motivations.
  • Research strategies for coping effectively in stressful situations.

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