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The following is a list of campus organizations that are currently being offered by SU. This list is subject to change so please check out the student activities website for more information. 

Baptist Student Ministries

  • Description: BSM is a Christian based organization with the primary goal of encouraging students in their journey through fellowship, Bible study, missions, and local church connection.  Come and join us on Wednesdays at 6:30pm for free food and a great Bible study.  Just look for the yellow door on West College Avenue.
  • President: Emily Moss
  • Contact Person: Melany Trenary
  • Phone: 410-251-1890
  • Email: mctrenary@salisbury.edu
  • Location: N/A
  • Website: escollegiateministry@yahoo.com


  • Description: The name B.A.S.I.C. is an acronym for Brothers And Sisters In Christ. The club is a local church based outreach to Salisbury University.  B.A.S.I.C. provides an environment for students to come together for worship and fellowship. The club also hosts Bible studies and provides opportunities for Christians to share their faith. The University, by design, is an arena for the broad exchange of ideas and beliefs. In this type of environment it is easy to become confused.  B.A.S.I.C. stands boldly, shining the light of truth in Jesus Christ.  Each semester the activities include weekly meetings, fellowship events, and a weekend retreat. The club also provides transportation to Sunday church services.
  • President: Terri Sprout
  • Contact Person: Dean Defino
  • Phone: 410-543-6148
  • Email: Dxdefino@salisbury.edu
  • Location: DH 105

Campus Crusade

  • Description: This student organization is an interdenominational student Christian movement that provides opportunities for Bible studies, conferences, fellowship, retreats and fun!  Fellowship meetings and Bible studies are held weekly.
  • President: Anna Proper
  • Contact Person: Jackie Lew
  • Phone: 410-543-6383
  • Email: ctlew@salisbury.edu
  • Location: FH 236

Catholic Campus Ministry

  • Description: The Catholic Campus Ministry is present at SU to pray, educate, support and serve the Catholic community and to help others understand our faith through dialogue.  Faith information, Bible Study, RCIA, socials, retreats, ministry training, and service opportunities are all available.  Catholic Mass is held on campus in the Scarborough Ritual Room on Sundays at 5:30 p.m.  Everyone is welcome to join us.
  • President: Jeff Hair
  • Contact Person: Jackie Lew
  • Phone: 410-543-6383
  • Email: ctlew@salisbury.edu
  • Location: FH 236
  • Website: http://orgs.salisbury.edu/newman/

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

  • Description: The FCA was recognized in the Spring of 2006, they are open to all students.
  • President: Tifanee McCaskill
  • Contact Person: Shelly McDonald
  • Phone: 410-548-3343
  • Email: sfmcdonald@salisbury.edu
  • Location: CP 1A Housing Office

Gospel Choir

  • Description: The Gospel Choir at Salisbury University fully originated on September 22, 1983.  The purpose of the choir is to spread the Gospel through song. The choir performs at local churches on the Eastern Shore and at an annual concert in the spring. 
  • President: Ashley Clayborne
  • Contact Person: Deborah Johnson
  • Phone: 410-543-6086
  • Email: dyjohnson@salisbury.edu
  • Location: Bookstore

Jewish Student Association

  • Description: The Jewish Student Assosciation was re-recognized in the Fall of 2005. It is open to all students.
  • President: Aaron Jones
  • Contact Person: James Hatley
  • Phone: 410-219-2870 
  • Email: jdhatley@salisbury.edu
  • Location: Philosophy House

Muslim Student Association

  • Description: The purpose of this student chapter at SU is to adhere to the laws that are governed by Allah through the Holy Quran and to present Islamic principles to Muslims and non-Muslims.  The club has social, cultural and other religious activities to promote friendly relations between Muslims and non-Muslims.
  • President: Anisa Gharbi
  • Contact Person: Tammy Gharbi
  • Phone: 36232
  • Email: tsgharbi@salisbury.edu
  • Location: HH260
  • Website: http://orgs.salisbury.edu/sumsa

Wesley Foundation 

  • Description: The club serves to provide a caring and compassionate ministry to those who seek to integrate an understanding of the Christian faith within the environment of SU.  Membership is open and encouraged to all full time students.
  • President: Monique Mackell
  • Contact Person: Ray Thompson
  • Phone: 410-543-6244
  • Email: grthompson@salisbury.edu
  • Location: HH 346A

Yoga and Meditation Club

  • Description: The purpose of this club is to provide practical tools for individuals to practice in order to relieve stress, improve health and provide a greater sense of well-being.  Membership is open to all full and part-time students at SU.
  • President: Rachel Marine
  • Contact Person: Chrys Egan
  • Phone: 410-677-5436
  • Email: cregan@salisbury.edu
  • Location: FH 265


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