Wellness Programs
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Campus Resources

Career Services 

A variety of services are offered on campus by our Career Services department.  If you need advice, resume help, or information on upcoming job fairs, SU’s Career Services can help.  Click Here For More Information.

Health Services

Any questions about your health? Need help quitting smoking?  Health services offers tons of resources and links that can help answer many of your questions.  Click Here

Counseling ServicesGuerrieri Center Door

Having trouble managing emotions or dealing with conflicts? Salisbury's counseling services can help. Individual psychotherapy and group counseling services are FREE of charge to all currently enrolled SU students. Click Here For More Information.

Student Organizations

Interested in doing more on campus? Look into joining a student organization, not only do they look good on resumes but they are also an easy way to become more involved on campus and off, not to mention a ton of fun. Click Here


Still trying to figure out what to do this weekend? Check out the SOAP website for future concerts, trips, movies, guest speakers and more. Click Here

Campus Recreation

Want to participate in intramural sports but unsure of rules, conditions, and how to sign up.  Check out the Campus recreation site for tons of information. Click Here

Spirituality Resources

SU also offers many clubs for those interested in learning more about the spirituality portion of the wellness wheel Click Here for more details

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