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Web Development Office General Web Policies

Who Can Create Web Pages

The SU Web site is comprised of 20,000+ pages on several servers, including www.salisbury.edu, faculty.salisbury.edu, students.salisbury.edu, and various departmental sites (i.e., holloway. salisbury.edu/~instres). With a site this large, certain levels of the site hierarchy will be created by the Web Office to control the content, structure, design and official "look and feel" of the University Web site.

The SU home page, core eight pages (University, Schools, Students, Faculty, Admissions, Athletics, Alumni, and Community Outreach), and home pages of each section within the core section will be created, updated, and maintained by the Web Office, unless other arrangements are made. The main exception is Community Outreach. Since this section represents varied interests within the Community, if the Project Director (or Manager of the Program) chooses to create their own site, that is acceptable, but they need to present a Web Work Order with all files to be uploaded to the SU Web server.

No Web pages associated with the University may be placed on an outside Web server, i.e., ISP (Delmarva Online, ICNet, AOL, etc.). There are exceptions, mainly with student organizations, but please contact the Web Office first.

After the home page of core section (i.e., University, Schools) described above, anyone on campus can create a Web page(s). These will be placed on either the "N" or "O" drives, of your respective server, or the files can be given to the Web Office for placement on the SU Web server. However, if anyone in this section and below does not wish to create their own page(s), then an appointment needs to be scheduled between the "author(s)" and/or Web Coordinator of your school/department/ office of the site and the Web Office.

An example is the recent creation of the Henson School Home page, it's four core pages and the Chemistry Dept. home page. Everything beyond the Chemistry Dept. Home page is being designed and maintained the Chemistry Dept. Web Office. 

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Owner Responsibilities

Information on Salisbury University's Web server (http://www.salisbury.edu) is considered an official publication. The final responsibility for the content of each Web document/page rests with the individual or department that has a Web page up on the SU server. If you submit a Web Work Order to the Web Office to place content on the SU Web server, you are responsible for accuracy of that content; this includes old pages that have not been redesigned.

Anyone who submits information to the Web Office for creation of a web page(s) is responsible for the accuracy of their content. When a job is finished and placed on the SU Web server, an e-mail will be sent to the author(s) of the site to review the completed work and to respond accordingly if something is incorrect.

For people creating their own Web page(s), again, you are responsible for your content. It is your responsibility to maintain it, update it, design it, and to submit the URL to the Web Office for review. The Web Office  is available for consultation on any of these issues.

Whether the Web Office or another party places a Web page(s) up on the SU servers, that department/office is also responsible for responding to inquiries that are either sent directly via an e-mail link to a designated recipient or via e-mails that have been forwarded from the Web Office.

To aid you in this process, the Web Office recommends that each department or office which chooses to create their own pages, designate one person (Web Coordinator) responsible for your information. For example, if a user notices incorrect information in a file or has a suggestion for other information that might be useful, the user should be able to directly e-mail the Web Coordinator to suggest a correction or addition.

The departments/offices may find it more appropriate to have this individual coordinate that department's electronic publishing effort (Web presence) rather than doing it all him/herself. Specifically, a department as a whole or the designated Web Coordinator should:

Coordinate the gathering of information for Internet publication within the group

  • Decide how the information will be organized
  • Decide how often the information is going to change and how often the information will be updated
  • Integrate Internet publishing into the group's publication cycle:
    1. Convert information from its current form to the appropriate electronic publishing format
    2. Prepare the information for display on the Internet by saving it in the appropriate file type
    3. Make certain that all departmental Web pages are in compliance with copyright rules and with SU guidelines and policies
    4. Include e-mail links on the group's or department's Web pages
  • Notify the Web Office when a department/office-level home page is ready for review by sending the URL of that page
  • Verify that the department's or group's online information is up-to-date.

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Appropriate Use Policy

This is Salisbury University's Acceptable Use Policy for World Wide Web pages posted and maintained on all SU Web servers. For more information about the policy, please contact the SU Web Office.

The SU Web Office has overall responsibility for all pages maintained on the SU Web server. The Web Office may act in support of this Acceptable Use Policy by modifying or removing pages from other SU Web servers. To ensure consistency of Web presentation across the University, all activated Web servers connected to the Internet must be official SU servers. Departments and offices may not operate backdoor servers. The Web page/ site author is responsible for content of individual official or personal pages posted and maintained on SU servers. Page content and messages must conform to state and federal laws and to University regulations. Student page content and messages must conform to the Code of Conduct.

  • Official pages and personal pages must not be constructed or used as business pages or for profit.
  • A Web page/site author cannot host an external (non-SU) organization, whether that organization operates for-profit or not-for-profit, on his or her personal page.
  • An organization supported by Web pages must be Salisbury University-related. The Web page/site author must respect copyright and trademark rights of all organizations.
  • Pages for an SU club or organization must be pre-approved by the organization's official advisor.
  • Pages for an SU club or organization must be established and maintained in a separate computer account assigned to the organization, not in the private account or pages of individuals.
  • Each official page must be designed in accordance with the official SU styleguide, acknowledge its relationship to SU, link to the SU home page, and carry SU copyright, logo and other notices.

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Copyright Issues

Unless otherwise indicated, all text and artwork appearing on the Web are protected by copyright and should not be reproduced without written permission from the copyright holder. Contact the author of that Web page for permission to use specific information and/or graphics. This can be accomplished by sending an email, if there an email link on that page or site or calling the author, again if the information is available.

You may not publish information on the World Wide Web that is prohibited by law or disallowed by licenses, contracts, copyrights, or University regulations. Groups or individuals are responsible for information they publish; they should be aware of University policies pertaining to confidentiality and the use of computers. You can contact the ITS department and/or the Web Office for more information.

All departments, offices and Web page authors are responsible for keeping their Web pages in compliance with copyright rules and with SU guidelines and policies.

The Web Office suggests that departmental home pages, the first page of a Web site, and original material (e.g., research or artwork) have copyright notices in the signature block at the end of the document. Most of the newly designed SU Web pages have a signature block at the end that has a copyright notice, e-mail to the Web Office and the SU logo, which is also a link to the SU home page.

For more information about copyrights in general, consult:

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