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Frontpage and Windows XP Home


Windows XP Home
(Most Users at Home)

Windows XP Professional
(Usually On Campus)

Windows 98 and 2000
(Off Campus and Older Computers)

Frontpage Account Support Home


These instructions are for logging into Frontpage on a machine running
Windows XP Home

How do I know which Operating System I have?
Hold the Start Key (Between the left Ctrl and Alt Key) and hit Pause/Break (near Num Lock)  to find out which operating system your computer has.
A window will pop up with information on your system.

Start Frontpage

On the Menu bar choose FILE>OPEN SITE    or  FILE>OPEN WEB (older versions)


Click "My Network Places" or "Web Folders" at the bottom...

Next to SITE NAME or WEB NAME enter the address you wish to edit.  Typically this address will be provided in an email.  Make sure to start the address with http://  or it will not work.


If you are on-campus your site will probably open without a password because of your initial login to the network.

If you are off-campus or are prompted for password:
Enter your SALISBURY\ and then your username in box for username.
NOTE: This is the \ slash below the backspace and not the usual / by the shift key.
Enter your synchronized password as the password.  (see example picture below)

To synchronize your password visit: