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How do I get my files from my local folder or thumb drive to another web site?
Do this from a lab computer (PC):

1. Open Front Page - start > programs > Microsoft Office > Front page

2. Click File > Open - and open the home page for the site in the local folder or thumb drive.

3. Right-click on the home page and choose "Publish Selected Files..."

4. In the dialog box that appears - enter "http://www.salisbury.edu/yourwebsite" (no quotes) in the "Remote Web site location:" field.

5. Click OK. That will move the file to the site.

6. Next - select all the files you want to move over, right-click them, then choose "Publish Selected Files..."

All of the files will be moved over. Henceforth you can access the files right in Front Page (see How do I connect to my website in Front Page?)

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