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Do I need to to resize my images for the web, and if so, how?
While there are several different programs you can use, I will describe the process using Microsoft Picture Manager software (that usually comes with Microsoft Office installations for SU faculty and staff).

1. Make a copy of the folder that contains the images you need to resize. I encourage you to make a copy as you will irrevocably change these images. (Right-click the folder and choose Copy, then right-click and choose Paste)

2. Right-click on an image and choose Open With > Microsoft Office Picture Manager. The image should open in Picture Manager

3. In Picture Manager, click View > Thumbnails. You should see all the images in the folder. (skip this step for a single image)

4. Click Edit > Select All (skip this step for a single image)

5. Click Picture > Compress Pictures. A Compress Pictures task pane will appear on the right.

6. Under Compress for: choose Web Pages and click OK.

7. Click File > Save All.

The pictures are now resized for your website and you can copy and paste the folder, or the images, to your web site using Front Page (or SharePoint).

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