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How do I connect to my website in SharePoint Designer 2007 or Expression Web?
To access your site in SharePoint Designer 2007 or Expression Web follow these steps:

The basic steps are:

SharePoint Designer 2007 (not 2010 - 2010 will not work). The web office, at this writing, prefers SharePoint 2007 or Expression Web.

1. Open SharePoint Designer or Expression Web.
2. Click File > Open Site. (if using Expression Web, click Site > Open Site)
3. In the "Site name" field, enter the web address or URL of the site (e.g. http://www.salisbury.edu/diversity).
4. Click Open.

If you are prompted to login, enter salisbury\yourusername or the user email address as the username and your regular network/email password as the password (this will be required from off-campus computers)

5. Your site should open.

Henceforth - the site should be available from your "My Network Places" area click File > Recent Sites).

Also - you can browse to the site in Internet Explorer and then click File > "Edit with Microsoft Office..."


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