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Cascade CMS Version 8 How To...

Migrate your content into the CMS

  1. Navigate to the page which needs to be migrated into the CMS. (Easiest way to tell is if the layout seems skinnier/more condensed then other SU webpages)
  2. Check URL for name of page and its extension. The name of a page is the last part of the url minus the extension. EX. has a page name of "migrate-content" and an extension of ".html".
  3. Any page you want to migrate into the CMS should have an extension of .html if it does not please contact us first before attempting to migrate the page.
  4. Create a new page and give the page the same system name as the page you are migrating.
    Note: When creating the new page it must be created in the same server location as the old page.
  5. In a new browser window navigate to the page you want to migrate.
  6. Enter in the page heading content as it appears on the page you wish to migrate.
  7. Copy content from old page and paste into page block area of new page.
    Note: Content pasted into page blocks may need to be worked with to get the correct formatting.
  8. Click Save & Preview and then publish the new page.
    Note: Publishing the new page will overwrite the old page permanently.
Image: URL information location
URL information for migrating content into CMS - Screenshot

Image: Copying content to be migrated
Copying content to be migrated - Screenshot


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