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Cascade CMS Version 8 How To...

Inserting an Image

  1. See Upload Image into CMS if your image is not already in the CMS.
  2. Position your cursor in the general area you want the image to go. I.E. if you want the image to be centered, then center your cursor. If you want the image to go next to a paragraph and the text to wrap around the image, position the cursor in either the upper left or upper right of the paragraph that you want to wrap the image.
  3. Click the button in the WYSIWYG that looks like a Mountain in a picture frame. When the icon is hovered over, it reads "insert/edit image".
  4. You have the option for Internal or External. But for images you should only ever use INTERNAL.
  5. Click where is says Image "Choose File". Using the CMS file explorer navigate to the image and choose it. (If you just uploaded the image it should be in your recent)
  6. There is a checkbox for Decorative image but you should NEVER be checking this. Image description is an main component of how we relay information conveyed in an image to someone with a vision impairment or issue viewing the image. Decorative images will allow you to forgo an image description and should not be used.
  7. Image Description as mentioned above is the primary way to convey information from an image to someone who cannot view the image. Not only does this assist people with disabilities, but if there is ever an issue with the image, this provides a fall back method to still communicate the information from the image.
  8. Dimensions of the image can be changed when inserting the image but we highly recommend using an image editing software to resize the image before upload as this tend to create better quality images.
  9. You can apply style classes to the image when inserting but we recommend doing that after the image is uploaded as it is easier.
  10. Lastly once you click "ok" your image should be added into the WYSIWYG. If you don't plan to wrap text around your image, then at this point you should be done with inserting the image. However, if you do wish to wrap text around an image you will probably notice the image is pushing the text under it. The last step to fix this is to click and highlight the image. Click the formats drop down and then Custom, and finally either select "img-float-left" or "img-float-right". This will make the image float to the left or right of the paragraph respectively, and allow text to fill the area next to the image.
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