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Cascade CMS Version 8 How To...

Edit your site menu

To edit the site menu (left hand gold menu), follow these steps:

  1. Log into the CMS
  2. Click the site-menu once in the left-hand navigation column and then click the Edit tab.
  3. Top 5 fields are metadata for site menu (Display Name, Title, Summary, Keywords, Social media image path).
  4. All content (links or department contact information) is located in "Navigation Menu Group" sections. Each site menu has at least two. At least one section for links and one section for contact information.
Image: Site-menu metadata fields
Site-menu Metadata fields - Screenshot

Adding and Removing a link section

To add a link section (Navigation Menu Group)

  1. Click the green plus button (green plus button) next to "Navigation Menu Group."
  2. Give the new section a "Menu Group Title"
  3. Add links to the new section - "See Adding and Removing Menu Items"
Image: Navigation Menu Group fields
Navigation Menu Group fields - Screenshot

Adding and removing Menu Items:

To add a Menu Item (link):

  1. Click the green plus button (green plus button) next to "Menu Item."
  2. If linking to a SU webpage click the Link "link icon Choose File, Page, or Link" for the new item.
  3. Browse to the file and select it (if linking to a webpage browse to the webpage and select it).
  4. If linking to a non SU website enter the full URL of the website into Custom URL field.
  5. Text (if needed) field is used to supply the text used for the created link. If left empty and the link is a webpage and it is an internal resource (an SU webpage) then the display name of the page being linked to is used as the link text.
  6. New Window checkbox allows users to specify if link should change a users current tab or open a new one.
  7. SU login checkbox will add a lock icon next to the link used to specify to the user the page this link takes them to will require a login
  8. Click Save and Preview.

To remove a Menu Item (link):

  1. Click the red minus button (red minus button) next to the "Menu Item."
  2. The Menu Item is removed. Note: if made a mistake, click close to back out. If you found you made a mistake after submitting the the changes, you can revert to a previous version of the site-menu.
Image: Menu Item fields in CMS
Menu Item fields - Screenshot

Publishing site-menu changes:

After you submitted your menu changes, you will need to re-publish all of your pages:

  1. Click the arrow next to the folder that contains your site-menu
  2. Check the boxes next to the pages/folders you need to publish. (Normally will republish all webpages in folder)
  3. Select the "Publish" tab.
  4. Select a location (Local Filesystem) and then click submit (it may take a few minutes for the changes to appear)
Image: Publishing Site-menu changes
Publishing a site menu - Screenshot


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