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Cascade CMS Version 8 How To...

Edit page content

To edit an existing page:

First, open a page for editing - see "Open page for editing"

On this tab you will see the following fields:

Inline Metadata:

- Display Name - this is the text that appears in the site menu
- Title - this appears in the browser tab title
- Summary - summary information (optional)
- Keywords - keywords for search engines (optional)

Image: Metadata fields inside of CMS
Metadata CMS fields image

Page header:

- Page header text (h1) - header text for the page
- Page header text (h2) - sub-header text for the page
           NOTE: You can change the alignment of the header text using associated radio buttons labeled "L, C, R" under each heading input.
- Include Back Button - Checking yes will add a red back button to the top left-hand side of the page in line with the (h1) title.
- Back Button URL - Allows user to specify a URL for the back button.

Image: Page heading fields in CMS
Page heading CMS screenshot

Page Text Blocks:

- Header (anchor): enter a Page Text Block header here if desired
- Header size: select a size for the Page Text Block header
- L, C, R text-align: select the alignment for the Page Text Block header
- Text: enter the text for the Page in the "Page Text Block" area in the wysiwyg editor (see "Using the wysiwyg editor" for more information)
- Click the green plus button for additional Page Text Blocks
- Include back-to-top link - Checking Yes will add a hyperlink to the bottom of the text for that page block. The link will be centered and an take users to the top of the current page. This feature is mostly used on long pages to prevent lots of user scrolling up and down.
- Select break - This drop down provides a way to increase the amount of space between page block content and other page blocks/bottom of page.
- Enable/Expire Content - These two fields allow content contained in the page block to be automatically added/removed from a webpage based on the dates supplied.

Image: First Half of fields inside a Pageblock
Page Text Block Fields inside of CMS - Screenshot

Image: Second Half of fields inside a Pageblock
Second Half of page block fields in CMS - Screenshot

Badge Boxes:

- Include Badge Box? - choose Yes or No here
- Badge Box Width - if "Yes" above, choose a value
- Badge Content - enter badge box content (e.g. announcements, news, related info)
- Click the green plus button for additional Badge Boxes

Image: Badge Box options fields
Badge Box options fields in CMS - Screenshot

Image: Badge Box content fields
Badge Bpx content fields in CMS - Screenshot

Image: Page Diagram
page breakdown
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