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Writing Across the Curriculum


Holloway Hall

Writing Intensive Course Designs

Writer's Craft
Developed by Nancy Mitchell

WRITERS’ CRAFT, ENGLISH 417 is generally the course students take after the required introductory Creative Writing 351. After completing Writer’s Craft students may have an idea about which genre they would like to pursue, and take more advanced workshops in Poetry , Fiction, or Non Fiction, although many take all three before graduation.

In this class we look at literary texts of all genres for examples as to how specific writers have employed poetic devices and literary techniques to convey intention and tone. In weekly annotations students demonstrate their understanding of craft with quoted, textual evidence to support their comments. While they annotate, they are encouraged (exhorted) to keep an eye and ear open as to how they can use craft in their own creative writing assignments for class workshop.

In annotations, discussions and in class critiques students are require to use precise literary vocabulary.

The final project of this class is the portfolio, which consists of the semester’s creative writing assignments, fully revised according to suggestions made by peers, the instructor, and their own revision decisions.

Formal Writing Assignments
Annotation on Imagery

Annotation on Sound
Response Plan
Grading Rubric

Informal Writing Assignment
Similes and Sound