Psyc 306: Social Psychology

WAC Formal Writing Assignment:

 Social Psychology Goes to the Movies

Grading Rubric

Dr. Schlehofer


Papers will be graded on the following 4 areas:


Identification of theories/principles (10% of grade):       

                                          Paper identifies four distinct theories, concepts, or principles to apply to scenes from the movie.


Description of theories/principles (40% of grade):           

                                          Paper demonstrates clear understanding of theory, concept, or principle being applied.

                                          Provides a clear and concise explanation and interpretation of course material being discussed.


Explanation of link between theory and film (40% of grade):  

                                          Paper makes effective connections between film scenes and chosen theories, concepts, or principles.

                                          Draws and supports conclusions based on material covered in class and readings.

Spelling/Grammar/Formatting (10% of grade):


                                          Paper displays superior, consistent control of sentence structure and variety, vocabulary, grammar, and spelling.

                                          Demonstrates coherent and sophisticated organization.

                                          Paper is free of typos.

                                          Follows APA format.


                                          Theories, concepts, or principles are bolded the first time they are introduced in the paper.