Psyc 306: Social Psychology

WAC Formal Writing Assignment:

 Social Psychology Goes to the Movies

Response Plan

Dr. Schlehofer



What to turn in:  A draft of your paper is due on [date].  In your draft, identify the film you chose to watch and briefly describe how at least one social psychological principle, theory, or concept applies to a scene from the movie.  Your draft is worth 20 points.


Your full paper is worth 80 points and is due on [date].  Your paper will be graded on your ability to identify four social psychological principles, your description of them, your ability to correctly apply them to interpreting human behavior (as depicted in the movie you watched), and spelling, grammar, and formatting.


Both your draft and final paper should be prepared in APA format. Bold the name of the theory, concept, or principle you are applying the first time you introduce it in your paper.