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Writing Across the Curriculum


Holloway Hall

Developing Effective Advertising
Developed by Michele Schlehofer

Imagine that you are part of a small team of freelance advertising consultants. You have been hired to develop a magazine ad for a product. I am giving each team a bag containing a description of your product and materials (paper and coloured pencils) with which to develop your ad.

With your team members, spend a few minutes drafting a full-page magazine ad. Your advertisement could contain pictures and/or words: the choice is up to you. Remember that the goal is to develop an effective ad that will sell your product. Keep in mind your target audience when drafting your advertisements.

In addition to drafting the ad, write a “sales rationale” pitching your ad: a short description (2 – 3 paragraphs) justifying the advertising components that you chose and an explanation as to why your team thinks the ad will sell the product.

At the end of the activity, your team will be asked to present your advertisement to the group, and share your sales rationale.

For credit, turn in the advertisement you created and the accompanying sales rationale. Make sure that the names of all team members are on the documents.