Grading Rubric:


An A paper (90 – 100 pts) will respond incisively to the prompt, with relevant, sophisticated, and original analysis.  The thesis will be specific, arguable, and complex.  The supporting evidence will be substantial, well-chosen, and used strategically.  The organization will be clear and consistent, with adequate transitions between sentences and paragraphs.  The language and syntax will show a clear command of Standard English.


A B paper (80 – 89 pts) will respond well to the prompt, with analysis that goes beyond the obvious.  There will be a central thesis, which will determine the paper’s structure.  The evidence will be appropriate and adequate, and some effort will be made to contextualize it.  The organization will show coherent arrangement of paragraphs, with some transition between sentences and paragraphs.  The language may involve some mechanical difficulties and occasional grammar errors.


A C paper (70-79 pts) will respond adequately to the prompt, but may have some factual, interpretive, or conceptual errors.  The thesis will be overly general, and give no evidence of the organizing idea of the paper.  There will be some evidence, but not always relevant or integrated into the paper.  The organization will be uneven, with paragraphs weakly unified, and awkward transitions between sentences and paragraphs.  The language will have occasional major grammatical errors.


A D paper (60-69 pts) will have a confused sense of the prompt, or of the texts, and a vague or irrelevant thesis.  The evidence will be anecdotal or narrative, awkwardly incorporated into the paper.  The organization will be repetitive or digressive, and the language will include frequent major and minor grammar problems.


An F paper (0-59 pts) will misunderstand the prompt or the texts, have no discernable thesis, the evidence simply listed or not cited at all.  The organization will be arbitrary, with illogical transitions, and there may be numerous grammatical errors.


(This rubric has been adapted from the scoring rubric produced by the electronic educational environment of the University of California-Irvine,