Response Plan


The paper will be revised twice before it receives a final grade.  Students will produce a complete draft on Tuesday, April 10th.  This will be evaluated by a peer from the course, who will prepare one page of written feedback on the strength or weakness of the thesis, organization, use of evidence, and style (due Thursday, April 12th).  The student will have one week to revise the draft in order to accommodate peer feedback.  On the due date (April 19th), the writer will submit both the first and the second draft along with the written peer evaluation.  Instructor feedback will consist of a one-page typewritten response, which will address all aspects of the paperís strengths and weaknesses, a comment on the writerís ability to respond to peer feedback, and clear directions for revision.  This feedback will not include a grade.  The student will revise the paper within one week from the date on which he/she receives instructor feedback (if feedback is given Tuesday, May 1st, the final draft will be due Tuesday, May 8th).  Instructor response to that final draft will consist of a numerical grade from 0-100, the corresponding letter grade (see Grading Rubric), and a brief statement on the studentís ability to respond to instructor feedback.