Response Plan

Week 1 & 2
During the first 2 weeks of class students will be introduced to the assignment and be given a model of the newsletter.

Week 3
Students will create a first draft of their newsletters and then bring them to class.

Week 5
Students will be placed in small groups of two and give feedback to each other on their newsletters using the rubrics and guidelines provided in class.

Week 6
Based upon the feedback students will revise their newsletters and then each student will provide the instructor with a copy. The instructor will meet individually with each student (during office hours) to review the newsletter and give specific and constructive feedback.

Week 8
The student will revise the newsletter based upon the instructor’s feedback.

Week 9
The student will share his/her newsletter in class with another peer for final review and editing.

Week 10
The student will do a final edit and publish his/her newsletter for submission to the instructor for a grade.

Week 12
Students will receive their assessment of the product based upon the rubrics and their grades and place their newsletters in their portfolios.