ELED 316 Reading Instruction
Joyce Wiencek

Newsletter Assignment

Purpose: Students will be able to communicate effectively with parents via a newsletter. Good communication between parents and teachers is essential. Teachers should always be informing parents about what is occurring in the classroom and how they can support their child’s learning at home. Teachers should be proactive in their newsletters so that parents understand the types of teaching and learning that are occurring and are expected.

Goals or Objectives met:

1.      Students will be able to explain various reading techniques and be able to use them with readers.

2.      Students will be able to explain the difference between process, strategies and skills in reading and how to make these core components of their instruction.

3.      Students will be able to communicate effectively with students, parents and administrators about reading.

To create a two-sided one- page newsletter to send home to parents to keep them informed.

One side of the newsletter should be a general information page about important events that are occurring, special assignments, new topics being studied, and other tidbits of information. Be sure to title your newsletter and include basic information such as grade level, teacher contact information (phone and email), date of newsletter and school name. Use a 12 point basic font such as Geneva or Times. Use black ink only.

The second side of the newsletter should be used to keep parents informed about how to assist their child’s learning in one content area such as reading. With reading as the focus the task is to explain how parents can reinforce one reading strategy that their child has learned to use in school. So first select one reading strategy from the list that follows: summarizing, visualizing, monitoring one’s reading, self-questioning, using a graphic organizer, setting a purpose for reading, activating and relating prior knowledge, and/or identifying cause and effect.

After selecting your strategy you will use it as the focus for the text you write.

In your newsletter:

1.      explain what a strategy is,

2.      next state what your focus strategy is,

3.      then explain why this strategy is important

4.      and then how to do the strategy in a step-by-step fashion. It is always better to use a concrete example when explaining the application of the strategy so chose a book or write a piece of text in which you can demonstrate what is to be done.

Be sure to explain to parents why we want them to reinforce this strategy at home with their child. Make it clear that the teaching/learning experience is a partnership between home and school and we need their help.

Evaluation of Final Product