Response Plan for the Review of a Professional Organization Assignment

         Two weeks before the paper is due, the students will submit a detailed outline of their paper report. I will ask them to be explicit about the ways that they will address their audience, making sure that they establish meaningful connections to the concerns of reading teachers. They also have to be clear about how the paper will be organized (paragraphs, sub-sections). I will provide feedback based on this outline.

         Students will be advised to go to the writing center with a draft to aid in the revising process.

         When I assign the paper, I will divide the class in three different groups and have each group be responsible for one of the targeted professional organizations. I will meet separately with each group to make sure that they have access to all the resources they need. On the day that they hand in the assignment, students will be regrouped so that in each new group there are representatives from all of the initial groups. In this way, each group will be able to discuss information from all of the professional organizations researched. They will share their findings and fill out a chart with information of researched aspects about each organization. They will submit these charts along with their papers. Each new group will be asked to reflect on the similarities and differences between the organizations, and we will close with a whole-class discussion.

         The papers will be shared electronically so that all class participants can keep them for future reference.