CMAT 334 - Mass Media in Society

Dr. Darrell Newton


Paper Two: Independent Analysis - 100 Points


Purpose: The purpose of this exercise is to determine your ability to think analytically about media effects and related considerations.


Knowledge: You will need to engage with a total of three media effects theories as discussed in lecture, WebCT, PDF files and in chapters 1-5 of the text.


Procedure: Within this assignment, you are to discuss the effect a film, television program or cable show has upon a specific audience. I will evaluate you on how closely you follow directions and the strength of your argument and analysis. Within the paper, you are required to engage with the following issues:


1.       Discuss how Cultivation and two other classic theories relate to the effects of the text upon a specific audience:


Social learning Bandura

Associative Priming Berkowitz

Selective Exposure - Cantor

Desensitization Rabinovitch

Excitation transfer Liebert and Baron


2.       Discuss how your chosen media text relates to three of the four Uses and Gratifications models on pages 128 to 130.


Audience: Instructor


Length/format: This second paper must be a minimum of five full pages, double-spaced in a 10 point font. Use standard margins and writing style. Use a minimum of six citations from the text using Chicago Style or MLA formatting. All papers must be uploaded into WebCT by Tuesday, November 16th at 9:30am. Please bring a hard copy to class, as well.


Evaluation: Discussion and analysis of cultivation and two additional theories: 60% of your total grade

Discussion and engagement of the four Uses and Gratifications models: 40% of your total grade



Out of fairness to more punctual students, no late papers will be accepted.