Management 425 – Applied Organizational Science

Christy H. Weer

Formal Writing Assignment



Team Current Readings Analyses:  Learning is optimized when connections are made between theory and practice.  To make this connection, you will be asked to analyze/critique two articles about the realities of the workplace.  The articles should address organizational behavior related concepts and theories that reflect individual, group or organizational level phenomena.  For example:


            Individual level phenomena include (1) how we perceive and learn, (2) how we develop attitudes, (3) how groups communicate and make decisions, (4) how we are motivated, and (5) how we handle stress.


            Group level phenomena include (1) how groups are formed, (2) how their structure and norms evolve, (3) how groups communicate and make decisions, and (4) how group leaders emerge.


            Organizational level phenomena include (1) how organizations change or are changed, and (2) how organizations are structured and the strategies they use.


Articles may be selected from CURRENT (no older than January, 2009) issues of academic, professional, and popular periodicals (see below for examples).


Analyses:  Write-ups merely summarizing the article will not be given full credit.  Write-ups earning the highest grades will briefly summarize the article as well as describe your teams reaction to its content.  Your reactions should incorporate two or more of the following learning elements:


            (a) Knowledge:  Compare and contrast your past and current understanding of (or beliefs about) the issues addressed in the article.  What excited you, what infuriated you, confused you, or confirmed some of your previous understanding of the reading material?  (Please include page numbers of specific ideas in the articles to which you are referring.)


            (b) Skills:  How are you using the reading material in your daily life?  Specifically, what skills are you using specifically?  Which ones are you choosing not to use or are not able to use?  Why?  When you practice the skills, what, specifically, are you doing and what results are you getting?  What might you do differently to achieve better results?


            (c) Attitude:  How have your opinions of, or feelings about, the issues discussed in the article changed?  Do you have a different outlook on or reaction to (favorable or unfavorable) these issues?  Did the article challenge any of your values?  Discuss your reactions.


Attach a copy of the article or paper to the critique.  See the course outline for specific submission dates.  Finally, you may be called upon to discuss your critique in class.