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Writing Across the Curriculum


Holloway Hall

Research Paper
Developed by Tom Calo

The purpose of a research paper is to develop your skills in conducting library and formal research, and in writing a paper that conforms to APA research and writing style.  You are expected to write a formal research paper of 15 pages in length (text, exclusive of references, title page, etc).  In your paper you will examine, in depth, one key issue or concept related to HR in organizations.  The topic needs to be clearly and narrowly defined, and must show an integration of course material.  Your topic must be approved by the instructor.  Please provide a proposed topic no later than _______.

Your paper will be evaluated on the basis of the overall quality of your research and writing.  Your paper must adhere to APA guidelines, and must also include at least 5 references from peer-reviewed sources.    Your paper should also use sub-headings to show major transitions, and you should exercise great care that your paper does not contain grammatical or typographical errors.