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Writing Across the Curriculum


Holloway Hall

Reflection Paper
Developed by Tom Calo

The purpose of this assignment is to develop insight into the implications and lessons learned from a deep reflection on an assigned course reading.   You will be expected to write a short paper, 2-3 pages, in which you reflect upon/react to a the specific assigned reading.  The paper should not be a summary of the article, since it is assumed you are well aware of and understand the content of the material.  Rather, its purpose is to go beyond your understanding of the article to a deep reflection on the relevance and implications of the issues as it relates to HR in organizations.

Your paper will be evaluated on the demonstrated depth of your understanding of the issues presented in the article, and your insights into the potential implications of the issue for HR in organizations, as well as for the implications for you as a future manager in organizations.  Writing quality and style, and adherence to grammatical correctness will be evaluated as well.