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Writing Across the Curriculum


Holloway Hall

Current Issues Paper
Developed by Tom Calo

The purpose of this assignment is to identify current issues that are occurring that relate directly to the content and objectives of this course.   HR is affected directly and indirectly by legal, social, political, and economic issues occurring at the moment.  To see the relevance of these current issues, each student will write a 2-3 page paper on a current issue to HR.  The issue to be addressed must be described in a newspaper article, journal/magazine or other source that addresses current issues (e.g., speeches, court decisions, societal events, etc).  The source must have been published/occurred after the starting date of this course.  Your paper should not be a summary of the article, but should focus on what you see as the relevance to HR. 

You will also make a brief presentation to the class (5 minutes maximum), and should be prepared to respond to class questions regarding your issue.  Your paper and presentation will be evaluated on the basis of the relevance of the issue to our course content and objectives, your insight into the implications of this issue, and the extent to which the class has learned from your presentation.  Please attach a copy of your article/source material to your paper.