Les Erickson

Department of Biological Sciences

April 4, 2007


Course targeted for writing assignment: Biol 370 Molecular Genetics


Genetic research strives to understand how genes work, and the main objective of the Human Genome Project is to map all of our genes. Knowing how many genes we actually have and where they are located, coupled with our growing understanding of how genes work will without a doubt help promote human health and reduce suffering caused by genetic diseases.


Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to the Human Genome Project and get you thinking about its possible impacts on science and society. Watch the short video (20 minutes) on the Human Genome Project and read the assigned review paper.

Assignment: Write a paper (at least 1000 words) on this topic, making sure you cover the following points:


  1. provide a brief overview of the Human Genome Project (what, when, where, how, why).
  2. explain a particular topic or viewpoint that you found most interesting and would like to know more about.
  3. explain a topic or viewpoint that is still unclear to you.


Audience: Write section 1 for a general audience – your parents, for example. Section 2 and 3 should be written for your professor.


Time Line: The paper will be due on ________.  One draft per student can be brought to me if you want help preparing an excellent paper. I will grade your papers using the rubric below and will post grades on WebCT. One paper, maybe more, that I consider of superior quality will be awarded the “Golden Pen” award and may be posted on WebCT for the class to read.