Holloway Hall

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"A Day on the Set of Chuck"
Featuring Actor Scott Krinsky ’90 (9:51)

  • Producer/Videographer/Editor: Jeremy Dayton ’97

"Healing Verses"
featuring poet and SU Faculty member Nancy Mitchell (4:47)

  • Producer: Kelley Rouse
  • Videographer/Editor: Pete Evans II (SU '92)

"Traversing the Nanticoke"
featuring SU Faculty member
Tom Horton (6:51)

  • Videographer: Shelton Lankford
  • Editor: Frances Kendall

"Hot Glass, Cool Art"
featuring SU Alumni Tim
McFadden (9:08)

  • Producer: Robert Faust (SU '93)
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The brainchild of Dr. Frances Kendall, Communication Arts Department faculty, viSUalize is a half-hour magazine-style series showcasing members of the Salisbury University community and highlighting their activities and events. The host of the show is Lauren Smith, a senior in communication arts. Stories featured in the pilot include:

  • "A Day on the Set of Chuck": Jeremy Dayton ’97 produced this feature of a day on the set of NBC’s Chuck with actor Scott Krinsky ’90.
  • “Healing Verses”: Kelley Rouse produced this feature on the poetry of Nancy Mitchell and her recently published book Grief Hut.
  • "Traversing the Nanticoke”: Tom Horton takes his students paddling on the Nanticoke River and narrates the experience, addressing the environmental issues of the area.
  • “Hot Glass, Cool Art”: Produced by alumni Robert Faust, this story is about alumni Tim McFadden who won the 2006 Bernstein Award and used to the money to help start his glass studio in Baltimore.

To learn more about viSUalize contact Dr. Kendall at: