Campus Tour


Holloway Hall

Each stop on the tour has 3 navigation buttons. The Panoramic View, More Scenes and You are here buttons each open a separate window for viewing. If you would like to have multiple views open at the same time, simply drag each window to a convenient location on your screen. To avoid confusion, close each window when you are through using it and close all pop up windows before moving on to the next stop.

  • Panoramic View ...  Displays a 360 degree movie of the area being visited. Simply move your mouse over the directional arrows to pan to the left or right (you don't need to click the mouse to pan).
  • More Scenes ... Displays more scenes of the area visited. In some cases your tour guide will refer directly to these other scenes. Simply click on the number bar at the bottom to pull up different scenes.
  • You Are Here ... Displays map of the SU campus and a pointer to your current location.

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