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Meet Our Staff              


Lauren Anderson is a senior majoring in psychology and minoring in communications (with a concentration in human communications). She is in the honors program and plans on pursuing a career in some field in psychology, but is still trying to figure out exactly what. In her free time, she enjoys trying new things, going on new adventures, spending time at the beach, and plans on one day owning a teacup pig.

Emily Baqir, a Salisbury native, is a sophomore who’s double majoring in English (creative writing track) and communication arts (journalism and public relations track). Spending her summer working with animals at Weeping Willows Kennels, it shouldn’t be assumed that her love for animals is limited to her own three dogs: Dixie, Trigger, and Sasha. She places French fries above all other foods and when she’s either angry or excited she turns into a velociraptor (sound-wise).

Jenna Chiavacci is a senior with a major in English on the creative writing track and a minor in film studies. Her obsessions include, but are not limited to, sushi, her cat named Tyga, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Baltimore Ravens, and Breaking Bad. After graduation, Jenna plans to attend law school in Baltimore where she hopes to study family and adoption law to help families receive the same amazing adoption experience that hers did while adopting her youngest brother. 


Hannah Clzianoski, a New Jersey native, loves pizza, the New Jersey Devils, and Fight Club. She has two dogs: Lobo, a German Shepard, and Luna, a Border Collie. Hannah plays the guitar and her favorite band is Led Zeppelin. After graduating with a double major in English and secondary education, she plans to roadtrip across the country before going to grad school and getting a job as a creative writing professor.


Sam Cowie is currently a sophomore whose favorite TV shows include: Minute to Win It, Family Guy, Workaholics, and Glee. She’s studying exercise science with a minor in psychology and plans to become an occupational therapist to work with people who are on the autistic spectrum. Her love of the oceanic atmosphere of the beach causes her to sometimes wish she was actually a mermaid. She’s president of Best Buddies and a member of the exercise science club. Her bright personality is infectious and she’s secretly in love with One Direction—but don’t tell anyone.


Rachel Doyon, a member of the SGA and the Education Club, plans to become a high school English teacher after graduating. Currently a junior, Rachel is an English major on the secondary education track. Rachel loves Ryan Gosling and Sandra Bullock, and her favorite film is Star Wars. Her guilty pleasure is watching Pretty Little Liars, while her favorite TV show is Walking Dead. The Delaware native loves Mexican and Chinese food—especially fish tacos.


Miranda Ebeling, a California native, has a weakness for Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream and practically lives off of coffee. The senior English/secondary education major is in the Honors Program and plans to teach abroad after graduation. Her favorite memory of this summer was seeing Paul McCartney perform at Bonaroo. Miranda has a cat named George Orwell (whom she is obsessed with), a dog named Smidgen, and a dog named B. She loves the TV shows: Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and Mad Men.

Chantel Gerardo is currently a senior with a major in political science and a double minor in communications and English. Following graduation from Salisbury, she would like to attend graduate school at the University of Washington in Seattle. "I miss my dogs from home dearly, but enjoy volunteering at the Humane Society as well," she says. "In my free time, I love hanging out with my roommates as well as reading."

Sarah Jansson is a graduate student studying English. In what little free time she has, Sarah enjoys watching movies on rainy days and hanging out with her best friends/ roommates. She also has a secret obsession with The Real Housewives and her dog Pebbles.

Kristina Kantner is a Lancaster, PA native who loves to travel and spent her summer as an au pair in Spain. The Spanish/secondary education major plans to either teach Spanish in Pennsylvania or teach English in Spain, or to become a Disney World Princess. Her favorite memory of the summer was being mistaken for a local while in Spain. A question Kristina constantly asks herself is: “will I ever be wise?” as she never has and never will grow wisdom teeth. She is obsessed with Latino culture and dance, and is ambidextrous.

Emily Lembo spent her summer teaching at an English school on Jeju Island in Korea, which is where she hopes to get an English teaching job after graduating with a degree in English on the TESOL track. Emily plays the ukulele and loves Gerard Butler and James McAvoy (“gotta love those Scotsman,” she said). One of her passions is cooking—she loves trying new recipes and makes a killer Kimbap.

Gayle Metzger is a graduate student pursuing a degree in English. She’s from the Salisbury area and graduated from Parkside High School in 2009. She loves to read, especially on the beach, and enjoys watching movies and hanging out with good friends.

Lindsay Montanye is a sophomore early childhood and elementary education major with a minor in English. Her favorite activity is reading, especially books by her favorite authors, Nicholas Sparks and Jodi Picoult. Lindsay is involved in the Education Club and Leash on Life; she loves to volunteer at the local Humane Society where she walks the dogs and plays with the cats. After graduation, Lindsay’s goal is to become a preschool teacher. A quote that Lindsay lives her life by is: “Never regret something that once made you smile.” – Amber Deckers


Jewellianna Palencia, a junior double majoring in biology and psychology, worked as an intern with the University of Maryland’s “Mirror Nevron Project,” where she worked with monkeys. Jewellianna owns a Toy Poodle named Peaches and plays the violin. Her favorite band is MGMT; her favorite memory of the summer was taking a road trip to New York to see the band play live. Her favorite quote, a Dr. Seuss original, is: “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

Rachel Segal is a senior who, when asked what her favorite movie was, could not decide between Forest Gump, Matilda, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and The Butterfly Effect.  Rachel is majoring in communications arts on the journalism/public relations track with minors in English and marketing management. After leaving SU, she plans to travel the world and attempt to not be broke. Rachel’s favorite foods include just about anything except for lasagna.

Tiona Smith, a member of SU’s gospel choir and a Dallas Cowboys fan, is a junior majoring in Information Systems. Her favorite movie is Parent Trap (the Lindsey Lohan version, of course), and her favorite food is pasta. Her favorite quote, which comes from an anonymous source, is: “Information has no worth, the value comes from its use.” After graduation, Tiona plans to be a business analyst at a large media corporation.


Daniella Tejeda, from Port Washington, New York, is a biology and premed major with a minor in art. During the summer, she works at a dentist’s office, and plans to either attend medical or dental school after graduating. Daniella has two pets: a pup named Shooter and a kitty named Hunter. Both animals are rescues. Daniella, a “#BandGeek,” used to play the flute and the French horn in high school. She is currently a part of Phi Eta Sigma and Zeta Tau Alpha.


Joe Wenke, a master Pokmon trainer, worked as a lifeguard in Ocean City over the summer. Joe’s favorite song is “That was a Crazy Game of Poker” by his favorite band, O.A.R; his favorite memory of the summer was seeing O.A.R. live. The Salisbury native LOVES cats, crab cakes, and Samuel L. Jackson. After graduating with degrees in history and secondary education, Joe plans to teach high school, then get his masters degree and become a college professor. The quote that Joe constantly lives his life by is: “What would James Bond do?”

Kelsey Gabert, lover of snow crab legs and rockfish (with crab imperial), is a senior currently double majoring in biology and history. After school, she plans to travel the world, ending up wherever the military stations her husband, and Sammy, her two-year-old Chihuahua mix will be along for the ride as well. Her favorite movie is The Lion King and she especially likes to watch Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. As a musician, Kelsey plays the clarinet and bass guitar.


Kristin Gay is a senior biology major who loves to spend countless hours on the beach. She spent her summer working at Dead Freddie’s restaurant in Ocean City, Maryland. Kristin’s favorite actress is Katherine Heigel and her favorite movie is Dirty Dancing. She loves to watch Dancing with the Stars and HGTV, especially the show Love it or List it. Kristin plans to enroll in a master’s program for biology after graduation this year.


Megan McComas is a current junior pursuing a dual degree in Psychology and CADR, with a minor in Accounting. Upon graduating SU she hopes to earn a Ph.D. in Psychology and eventually open up her own private practice. In her free time Megan enjoys going on hikes with her two dogs and practicing yoga to stay fit. Her lazy days consist of playing COD and watching her favorite show, Psych.


Jazmine Williams, a biology major with a psychology minor, plans to attend nursing school after graduating from Salisbury. Born and raised in New York, Jazmine’s favorite teams are the Yankees, the Giants, and the Knicks. The senior’s favorite movie is A Bronx Tale, and her favorite TV show is Breaking Bad. Over the summer, Jazmine worked at an animal hospital. She owns a 100 lb. American Bulldog, who she rescued from a neglectful situation; her favorite memory of the summer was seeing her dog play in the water for the first time in his nine years of life.


Dr. Nicole Munday is the Director of the Writing Center and an Associate Professor in the English Department. Prior to her career in teaching, she worked as a journalist, focusing primarily on political reporting and feature writing. Her interest in writing centers began when she worked as an undergraduate writing consultant at her alma mater, the College of William and Mary. Nicole has been at Salisbury University since 2000.