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Meet Our Staff

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Allison Allison is a sophomore pre-nursing major from Elkridge, Maryland. This is her second semester working at the Writing Center, and she is also a university tour guide. Besides being a huge Washington Capitals fan, her hobbies include playing hockey and soccer, photography, traveling, and listening to music.

Caitlin is a senior, dual majoring in Early Childhood and Elementary Education with a minor in Biology. This is her third semester working at the Writing Center, and she loves working with all of the different students that come in for help. Along with working here, Caitlin also plays softball for the university and is a member of the education club and SAAC. She is originally from New Jersey and makes this well known. In her free time, Caitlin eats lots of pizza and binge watches Netflix. She loves her dog Bella and napping around campus. 


Daniel is a first-semester senior here at Salisbury majoring in Accounting. He is a Salisbury native, but plans to move to Chicago or Washington DC one day. Upon graduation in May of 2017, he plans on training to become an airline pilot. Without shame, he is obsessed with everything related to flying. Traveling is his favorite thing in this entire universe, and one day he plans to travel the world without end. He also enjoys singing, acting, and performing in various musical productions on campus and in the community. This is the beginning of his second year working in the University Writing Center, and he is very passionate about the work that he and his fellow colleagues do. He enjoys his job here at the UWC and he puts lots of care and effort into every session when he sits down with a student. He is looking forward to another great semester here at Salisbury University!

Eaqan Eaqan is a senior Biology major, with minors in Psychology and Chemistry. He is also a first-semester writing consultant and is looking forward to this new opportunity. He enjoys the outdoors and handling different animals; particularly reptiles and amphibians. In his free time, he likes watching television, discovering new music, and playing pool.

Emily is a second year senior majoring in English (creative writing) and Communication Arts (journalism/PR) with a minor in ESOL. Despite having two majors, Emily isn't completely sure what she wants to do post-graduation yet. This will be her fourth year as a UWC consultant. Emily could talk about her fall 2015 semester abroad in Italy, dogs, and the various fandoms she wishes she could major in 24/7, 365. When Emily isn't in class or the UWC, you can find her obsessing over her one-eyed cat Ivan and plotting how she's going to meet and marry Chris Evans (Captain America). The Salisbury native's passions include glitter, her yellow Lab Dixie ("the cutest, but dumbest dog you'll ever meet"), crab dip, and Guinea Pigs.


Erika is a senior English major with a minor in Communications. This is her first semester working in the University Writing Center, and she is very excited to meet and work with other students. She's a Maryland native, coming all the way from Saint Mary's County. She transferred to Salisbury University in the Fall of 2015 and hopes to move to either New York City or Washington, D.C. when she graduates in May. In her free time, which is rare, she can be found listening to some jazz (like the grandma she is), hanging out with her friends, laughing at any and everything, or raving about her pet turtle Prince. 

Nicole Nicole is a senior English major who dreams of becoming a librarian after graduation because of her deep-rooted love for pointless fun facts and reading books that make her look smarter than she is. She has minors in French, Psychology and Pinterest. In her free time she enjoys long walks on the beach and binge watching Netflix. While she sometimes believes she has narcolepsy, she is actually just a tired old grandma living in the body of a 21 year old.

Rachel is graduating with her Masters in English Literature this spring. She has a B.A. in English and Secondary Education from SU. While still figuring out her life in undergrad, she worked in the writing center for two and a half years, but has come back to join the UWC team for one last hoo-rah before graduating again and attempting to feign adulthood! Her passions include any day that involves sleeping in until 8, binge-watching shows she’s watched a million times before on Netflix, 90’s Rom-Com’s (sometimes 2000’s), amazon prime, and plates full of cheese (the sharper the cheddar, the better). When she graduates, she will be moving, but still plans to live for the days full of activities as pointless as those mentioned. For now, she continues to procrastinate until the deadline, stay up all night reading theory, and fall impossibly behind watching any show on network television. 

Shannon Shannon is a sophomore and a first-semester writing center consultant from Carroll County, Maryland. Majoring in Communication Arts, she hopes to one day be an event planner (if she doesn't change her mind 100 more times) and travel both the country and the world. Shannon is also a tour guide here at SU, and a sister of Phi Mu. In her free time, she likes to act like she can dance, eat ice cream, and pretend she doesn't have homework to do.
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Mikayla Mikayla is a sophomore majoring in Mathematics Secondary Education. Ever since she was a child, she knew Salisbury University was the college that she would attend. She spends every free moment she has napping, binge-watching Netflix, and/or eating. She calls Southern Maryland her home, usually because most people are not familiar with Calvert County. She knows just about every word to every country song, especially the ones by Kenny Chesney. This is Mikayla's first year at the University Writing Center, and she is beyond excited for this new opportunity!
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Dr. Loren Marquez is the Interim Director of the Writing Center and an Associate Professor in the English Department. 

Gayle Metzger is the Interim Assistant Director of the University Writing Center. She started out as an undergraduate peer tutor and this will be her sixth year in the UWC. She earned her Master of Arts degree in composition and rhetoric from SU in May of 2015.

Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis is the Administrative Assistant in the Writing Center. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Dance, and she aspires to one day own her own dance studio. She has a slight obsession with Pinterest and HGTV, wishes she had as much culinary know-how as the Barefoot Contessa, is a firm believer in the Oxford comma, and could watch each I Love Lucy episode a million times and laugh every single time.

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