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Holloway Hall

In observation of National Punctuation Day (Sept. 24),
the University Writing Center brings you our:

Punctuation Personality Profile

Which punctuation mark best represents you?

Question Mark ( ? ) – You are cautious and always questioning. However, this means your decision-making process is much more informed, which helps keep you safe. Friends and family value your advice and your ability to find deeper meanings. You are most likely to clash with the Period, who rushes quickly to judgment, whereas you are more hesitant.

( . ) – You are decisive, complete and final. You always have the last say and are often seen by your peers as grounded. This makes you a popular choice as a friend. You speak with conviction and can be blunt, but your straightforward tone makes you easy to understand, unlike the Comma, who has a difficult time knowing when enough is enough.

Quotation Marks
( “ ” ) – Do you ever have your own thoughts or opinions? You often seek advice from others and tend to be a crowd-follower; however, you give credit where credit is due, and this makes peers view you as warm and friendly. You were voted “most likely to avoid plagiarism” in high school, mainly because reciting movie quotes and revealing their origins too quickly was your forte. You have a deep appreciation and understanding for the thoughts and ideas of others.

Exclamation Point
( ! ) – You are easily excitable, loud and passionate. You are often the attention-getter as you seek to inspire enthusiasm in others. Your peers view you as motivated and vibrant; however, your good intentions are sometimes seen as pushy and brash rather than heartfelt. You tend to reason more with your heart than with your head.

( , ) – Your personality shows you are the glue that holds most relationships together, even though you feel you are often forgotten and misunderstood by your peers. Friends tend to turn to you too much (or not enough), causing you to feel used or underappreciated at times. In order to cope with this, you always seem to be adding more, more, more and more to your life.

( ’ ) – You are possessive.

  (…) – You tend to be lazy and were voted “most likely to skip” in high school. Your conversations are never dull because of your many random thoughts, though you often trail off before finishing sentences or ideas. You may not have your life together, but you have the uncanny ability to pull the thoughts of others together, creating logical, new and often intriguing points of discussion…