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Student Sustainability Research

SUSRC 2015


Veronica Petrik – Salisbury University’s STARS Ranking (Faculty Mentor – Sarah Surak)

Brandon Moore, Evan Hefner, Colleen Moore – STARS Academics (Faculty Mentor – Sarah Surak)

Andrew Sylvia – A Cost-Benefit Analysis of the use of Renewable Energy versus Nuclear Power in the Northwest United States (Faculty Mentor – Dustin Chambers)

Victor Morales – 1 in 7 Billion: Belief of Individual Impact on Resolving Climate Change (Faculty Mentor – Karl Maier)


Katie Rulapaugh – Global and Cultural Environmentalism in the Classroom (Faculty Mentor – Michael Lewis)

Adam Phipps-Dickerson – Quantification and Visualization Forecast of Economic and Environmental Vulnerability of Crisfield, Maryland to Sea Level Rise by 2050 and 2100 (Faculty Mentor – Arthur Lembo)

Caitlyn Powers – Anxiety and Climate Change Stress: Does it Matter How Much You Think About it? (Faculty Mentor – Karl Maier)

Erin Jones – Campus Sustainability using STARS: Operations (Faculty Mentor – Sarah Surak)

Paul Byerly – A GIS based multi-criteria model to identify optimal locations for Ring-necked Pheasant reintroduction in Maryland (Faculty Mentor – Arthur Lembo)

Tyler Wilson – Identifying the Statistical Significance of Selected Environmental Variables that Contribute to Low Dissolve Oxygen Areas (Dead Zones) in the Chesapeake Bay Using GIS and Regression Analysis (Faculty Mentor – Arthur Lembo)

John Talbot – Quantifying Mangrove Loss and Change in Carbon Sequestration in Coastal Ecuador Over 40 Years History (Faculty Mentor – Arthur Lembo)

James Janis – A GIS and statistical quantifying the contributing environmental and human factors impacting chlorophyll levels in the Chesapeake Bay tributaries (Faculty Mentor – Arthur Lembo)

Samuel Brown – Livable Sustainability utilizing Solar Energy (Faculty Mentor – Joseph Howard)

Margaret Cummings – Multi-criteria GIS Model to Identify Suitable Habitat Locations for Piping Plover (Charadrius melodus) on The Delmarva Peninsula (Faculty Mentor – Arthur Lembo)

Jacqueline Darrow – Status Reassessment of the Carpenter Frog (Lithobates virgatipes) in Maryland (Faculty Mentor – Ronald Gutberlet)

Evan Heffner – STARS: Engagement (Faculty Mentor – Sarah Surak)

Ryan Kuhn – Salisbury University STARS Assessment: Planning & Administration (Faculty Mentor – Sarah Surak)

Suzanne Ketcham – A GIS-based Multi-Criteria Model to Identify Optimal Locations for Wind and Solar Energy Solutions on Maryland’s Lower Eastern Shore (Faculty Mentor – Arthur Lembo)

Amber Lahay – False Consensus Effect and Attitude Importance relating to Climate Change (Faculty Mentor – Karl Maier)

SUSRC 2014:


Victor Morales – The major influence on student perceptions toward global climate change (Faculty Mentor – Karl Maier)

Marshall Boyd, Joseph Gutkoska, Brady Travis – Thirty Years on the Lower Delmarva Peninsula: Understanding the Association Between Forest Birds and their Habitat (Faculty Mentor – Ronald Gutberlet)

Alice Belt – Assessing Waste Management on the Municipal Level (Faculty Mentor – Sarah Surak)



Emily Baqir, Olivia Wilcox,Jeanette Proakis,Jessica Warner,Kevin Zelaya, Brian Hofstetter – Salisbury University Bike-Friendly Campus: Spinning Spokes and College Folks (Faculty Mentor – Chrys Egan)

Wafaa Bounoua, Eric Delacruz, Erin Mainhart, Taylor Goebel, Brian Dandridge – Edible Landscape: Growing Food Throughout the Salisbury Community (Faculty Mentor – Chrys Egan)

Amanda Crawford, Kelly Beal, Earl Dyson – Attitudes Towards Traditional and Naturalized Lawns (Faculty Mentor – Tami Ransom)

Rachel Flanagan – Evaluating the Effectiveness of Converting a Lawn Mower to Operate on Solar Energy (Faculty Mentor – Mark Muller)

Rebecca Greene, Evan Heffner, Anne Stanley – Exploring Homeowner Interest in Establishing a Community Model for Residential Neighborhoods in Salisbury, Maryland (Faculty Mentor – Reema Persad-Clem)

Stacy Helgason – Reptile and Amphibian Atlasing on Maryland's Lower Eastern Shore: Progress Report from Somerset and Wicomico Counties (Faculty Mentor – Ronald Gutberlet)

Knute Kraus, Greg Korvin, Luke Phipps, Lauren Bartlett – Friends with Grass: A Survey of Lawns with Attitude (Faculty Mentor – Chrys Egan)

Marissa Langello, Mary Baughan, Nick Dimatteo, Dan Biggar, Alex Wolters – Wildlife-Friendly Yard (Faculty Mentor – Chrys Egan)

Melissa Ruck, Stacy Helgason, Michael Scott, Kevin Aikins, Ronald Gutberlet – Maryland's Amphibian and Reptile Atlas: A Successful Example of Citizen Science (Faculty Mentor – Ronald Gutberlet)

Sharona Russell, Brandon Woodrotte, Cynthia Harley, Martinique White, Kiara Taylor – Rain Gardens: Slow It Down, Spread It Out and Soak It In (Faculty Mentor – Chrys Egan)

Deborah Silver, Erin Ciaro, Heather Meek, Natalie King, Jennifer Roslon – 1 in 7 Billion: A Study on Perception of Individual and Community Environmental Efforts (Faculty Mentor – Chrys Egan)

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