Salisbury University


Strategic Planning Team






September 5, 2002 (Amended)


Members present:  David Buchanan, Alice Bahr, Maureen Belich, Jane Dané, Memo Diriker, Timothy Dunn, Becky Emery, Judy Fischer, Tony Jemison, Joel Jenne, Kent Kimmel, Al Mollica, Anjali Pandey, Bryan Price, David Rieck, Alan Selser, Jerry Waldron, Carol Williamson and Ellen Zinner.


A regular meeting of the Strategic Planning Team was held in GC 232, Manokin Room, at 3 p.m.


1.         Ad Hoc Committee Formation and Membership


A lengthy discussion among representatives of the "expanded" LRAPC regarding representation for the strategic planning initiative occurred.  Additional, broader representation was proposed.  The exact wording of the motion was not captured.  Motion:  to create an ad hoc committee that would form a strategic planning team and would include expanded representation from various University areas.  All the members of the LRAPC would be represented on the expanded strategic planning team.  The Motion was passed unanimously.  Additional participants were identified; the Strategic Planning Team Members are as follows: 




Bryan Price, Chair

Institutional Research, LRAPC

   Maureen Belich, Alternate

Institutional Research

Dr. David Buchanan

Academic Affairs, LRAPC

Dr. Alice Bahr

Library and Instructional Resources

   Judith Fischer, Alternate

Library and Instructional Resources

Jane Dané

Enrollment Management

Dr. Memo Diriker

Perdue School, LRAPC

Dr. Timothy Dunn

Fulton School, LRAPC

Dr. Rebecca Emery

Student Affairs, LRAPC

Dr. Anthony Jemison

Diversity Initiatives

Dr. Joel Jenne

Seidel School, LRAPC

Dr. Kent Kimmel

Academic Affairs

Kevin Mann

Physical Plant

Al Mollica

University Advancement, SU Foundation

  Gains Hawkins, Alternate

University Advancement

Dr. Anjali Pandey

Fulton School, LRAPC

Dr. David Rieck

Henson School, LRAPC

Alan Selser

Staff Senate Administration/Finance

Jerry Waldron

Information Technology

Dr. Carol Williamson

Student Affairs

Dr. Ellen Zinner

President’s office

Chair, UCC, TBA

Faculty Senate, Curriculum Committee, LRAPC

Student Representatives (2), TBA




2.         Strategic Plans:  SU Aspirational Peers, Dr. Kent Kimmel


Dr. Kent Kimmel provided a comparative summary of strategic plans from SU’s aspirational peers as assigned at the August 19 meeting.  Of the findings, Dr. Kimmel noted variance in context, style, format, perspective, and terms.  The more common elements:  broad themes, student centeredness, civic engagement, faculty development, and recruitment and retention in enrollment management.  All had primary strategic goals and at one level of secondary strategic goals.


3.         Discussion:  Vision for final document - 2003 – 2008 Strategic Plan


There was a discussion regarding the vision for the strategic plan.  Questions were raised regarding what effort should be expanded into developing this plan.  Do universities actually use the plans or are they exercises meant to meet some requirement but ultimately provides limited direction?


After broad comment, the Provost affirmed that the new plan would be used to prioritize the University’s initiatives over the next five years.  The plan would also help define budget priorities and overlap with the State’s plans.


Tabled for Sept. 19 Meeting:

            Vision of the Final Plan

            Accountability Issues


4.      Environmental Scanning Groups


Environmental scanning groups were formed to review and consider external and internal forces that have helped to shape the University’s current focus and may potentially do so in the future.


Objective:  Beginning with the Oct 17 meeting, provide information gleaned resulting from the scans.



Environmental Scanning Topics                                                                            Teams (leaders in Bold)

            Linkage between MHEC State Plan, USM Plan, and Current SU Plan           Memo, Bryan

            Enrollment: current and future, including regional and state trends                   Jane, Kent, Carol, Maureen

            State Initiatives: (as necessary, please coordinate among each other)             

                        Workforce                                                                                      Becky, Bryan

                        Technology                                                                                     Jerry

                        Teachers                                                                                        Joel

                        Diversity                                                                                         Tony, Anjali, Tim


            Academic Trends and Career “Markets”                                                      Ellen, Becky, Tim, Joel, David Rieck

            Finance: Revenues (current and future)                                                        Alan Selser, Dave Buchanan

            Graduate Programs                                                                                     Kent, Carol


            Community Needs: Academic, Economic, Social, Leadership, Cultural            Memo, Tony, Anjali

            Alternative Funding (as necessary, please coordinate among each other)       

                        Grants/Sponsored Research                                                             Memo

                        Fund-raising                                                                                    Al Mollica

                        Auxiliary Enterprises                                                                       Alan Selser

            Instructional Technology/Libraries                                                                Alice, Judy, Jerry, Student

            Information Technology                                                                               Jerry, Judy

            Student Trends                                                                                            Bryan, Carol, Student


5.         Timetable of Milestones/Delegation of Assignments


A draft timetable was distributed to members for discussion.  The timetable outlines milestones culminating with the final plan, including accountability initiatives, to the campus in May.




The meeting was adjourned at 4:15 p.m.


The next meeting will be September 19, in the PCR.