Salisbury University


Strategic Planning Team




September 19, 2002


Members present:  Bryan Price, Chair, Alice Bahr, Maureen Belich, Memo Diriker, Timothy Dunn, Gary Grodzicki, Gains Hawkins, Tony Jemison, Joel Jenne, Kent Kimmel, Kevin Mann, Anjali Pandey, David Rieck, and Jerry Waldron.


Members absent:  David Buchanan, Becky Emery, Al Mollica, Alan Selser, Carol Williamson, and Ellen Zinner.


A regular meeting of the Strategic Planning Team (SPT) was held in the PCR at 3 p.m.



1) Environment Scan Discussion


·         There was a review of the environmental scanning group assignments as agreed upon during the September 5 meeting of the SPT.  There were no objections or corrections to the assignments.  It was suggested that the SPT remain flexible to follow-up their research with additional research as warranted and particularly if topics were not previously identified.

·         Beginning with the Oct. 17 meeting, the SPT will begin reviewing the results of the environmental scans, scheduling a few groups/topics per meeting.  Groups will present in the order listed in the Sept 5 meeting minutes, item # 4—Environmental Scanning Topics and Teams. For reference, the order is:

                  I.       Linkage between MHEC State Plan, USM Plan, and Current SU Plan

                  II.      Enrollment: current and future, including regional and state trends

                  III.    State Initiatives:                                                                           





                  IV.    Academic Trends and Career “Markets”

                  V.     Finance: Revenues (current and future)

                  VI.    Graduate Programs

                  VII.  Community Needs: Academic, Economic, Social, Leadership, Cultural

                  VIII.  Alternative Funding:

                              Grants/Sponsored Research


                              Auxiliary Enterprises

                  IX.    Instructional Technology/Libraries

                  X.     Information Technology

                  XI.    Student Trends


a)  The focus of the assignment was recapped:


·  Research topic-related, significant external and internal trends and forces; these should be observations of real or perceived trends/forces

·  Present findings in writing; bulleted format is sufficient

·  Present objectively, without interpretation

·  Be prepared to lead discussion and/or respond to questions


b)  The SPT would identify any information gaps in the scans, and request further focused research.


c)  After completing the presentations, the SPT would facilitate a SWOT analysis—strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.


2)  Format of the Strategic Plan, 2003 – 2008


A discussion on the possible format of the plan occurred.  Dr. Memo Diriker suggested the 10/3/1 rule frequently recommended to many businesses/agencies.  He explained the concept, which describes different versions and therefore different depths of detail of the same plan.  The guideline: 10 pages – entire plan and supporting documentation; 3 pages – condensed version for public display/use. This version limits itself to primary goals and secondary goals; 1 page – wallet or placard size displaying only the primary goals.


·         Broader discussion regarding the level of depth the new strategic plan should define.  Since the plan is in the early stages, the SPT tentatively established a working aim with the development of both primary goals and secondary supporting objectives.  Further discussion was tabled.




Other Discussion


There was a brief discussion regarding the state budget, projected revenue shortages, and the potential impact those shortages may have upon the University.




The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.


The October 3 meeting has been cancelled; the next meeting will be October 17.