Strategic Planning Team

May 20, 2003


Attending:         Bryan Price (presiding), David Buchanan, Jane Dané, Becky Emery, Tim Dunn, Joel Jenne, Kevin Mann, Al Mollica, Anjali Pandey, David Rieck, Jerry Waldron, Ellen Zinner


The meeting was called to order at 7:35 a.m.

Note: the meeting on May 13 was canceled due to unavoidable schedule conflicts.


1)      The SPT took a second review of the “preamble” to the strategic plan, submitted by Bryan. There was considerable discussion regarding the final phrasing.  A few additional modifications were suggested to the language.  Bryan agreed to embed the preamble in the next iteration of the plan.

2)      The SPT discussed the third iteration of the plan, specifically those highlighted sections that identified changes since the previous review.  The debate was lengthy.  In a rare moment for the SPT, a motion was made regarding the Athletics Program objective.  The motion was made to affirm the Athletics Program at Division III level. A “second” was affirmed.  There were three opposing votes.


The aforementioned vote was rare for the SPT because it had not operated as a voting group.  Instead, it had worked to reach consensus on objectives that would clearly benefit the entire institution, and compromise was the group’s hallmark.  However, as with many discussions, the Athletics Program objective threatened to become a lengthy debate.  Not wishing to be derailed, the group made a motion, it carried, and the SPT moved on.


3)      The SPT discussed issues that they felt were important but had not yet been identified in the plan. Concern was expressed about workload, class sizes, benefits, and academic excellence. Several members agreed to construct draft objectives for submission in the next draft.

4)      Adjourned.  No additional meetings were scheduled. Planning Congress to convene on June 6 in the Scarborough Center.

5)      A working team convened after the meeting to finalize the June 6 Planning Congress details.




Recorder: Bryan Price