Strategic Planning Team

May 6, 2003


Attending:         Bryan Price (presiding), Alice Bahr, David Buchanan, Jane Dané, Tim Dunn, Kent Kimmel, Kevin Mann Al Mollica, Anjali Pandey, David Rieck, Alan Selser, Jerry Waldron


The meeting was called to order at 7:30 a.m.


1)      The SPT continued to refine the language of the objectives for each of the core goals.  Several noteworthy omissions and modifications were addressed:

·         It was noted that the group had omitted any objective regarding the Athletics Program

·         It was noted that several academic initiatives remained undefined

·         Several resource and fundraising related objectives required modification


2)      The SPT took a first review of the “preamble” to the strategic plan.  It was noted that “preambles” were occasionally written subsequent to the completion of a project.  The SPT affirmed that it was important to clarify this portion of the plan before any further development. The preamble should accurately reflect the guiding statements, observations, and ideology that focused the SPT’s discussions these past few months. The group reviewed and suggested revisions to the draft presented by Bryan.  Merged with the preamble were “goal-level” preambles: one regarding diversity submitted by Ellen Zinner; one regarding student-centeredness, submitted by Alan Selser.  Bryan agreed to complete the revisions for the next meeting.

3)      Adjourned.  Next meeting.  Tuesday, May 13, 7:25 am—8:45 am, PCR in Holloway Hall. 




2nd iteration of the Strategic Plan 2003-2008




Recorder: Bryan Price