Strategic Planning Team

April 29, 2003


Attending:         Bryan Price (presiding), Alice Bahr, David Buchanan, Jane Dané, Memo Diriker, Tim Dunn, Becky Emery, Joel Jenne, Kent Kimmel, Al Mollica, David Rieck, Alan Selser, Jerry Waldron, Ellen Zinner


The meeting was called to order at 7:28 a.m.


1)                  Bryan updated the SPT regarding the tentative schedule for the June 6 Planning Congress


2)                  The SPT began working through the document completed by the working group of Alice Bahr, Memo Diriker, Becky Emery, Kent Kimmel, Alan Selser, and Ellen Zinner.  The working group spent Monday April 28, 7:25 am – 10 am, assigning all of the objectives (generated previously by multiple groups) to one of the four core goals.  The group noted that a number of objectives, most of which seemed to emphasize a funding or resource objective, did not seem to belong to any goal and remained uncategorized.  The group commented that it may need to consider an additional core goal.


The SPT walked through all four goals, refining the language of the objectives.  The document completed by morning’s end was the first iteration of the draft strategic plan.  Bryan was assigned the task of putting the working draft into a packet of materials for the afternoon presentation to the Faculty Senate.  The packet should contain contextual material as well as the general education learning principles.  It was emphasized that this was the first draft of what would be several drafts before the final version was completed.


3)                  Adjourned.  Next meeting.  Tuesday, May 6, 7:25 am—8:45 am, PCR in Holloway Hall. 




First iteration of the Strategic Plan 2003-2008



Recorder: Bryan Price