Strategic Planning Team


March 13, 2003


Attending:         Bryan Price (presiding), Alice Bahr, Jane Dané, Tim Dunn, Joel Jenne, Kent Kimmel, Al Mollica, David Rieck, Alan Selser, Jerry Waldron, Carol Williamson, Ellen Zinner


The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m.


1)                  Brief comments about the remaining steps in the plan:

A.     Define/Refine the strategic goals.

B.     Construct the objectives for the goals

C.     Submit the Draft Strategic Plan to the Long Range Academic Planning Committee and the Provost

The timeline was discussed.  Target dates:

A.     To complete the Draft strategic plan by June 2003

B.     To allow time for University-wide discussion and comment through November (1), 2003.

C.     To finalize the plan, December 2003.

2)                  Alice Bahr commented regarding the disconnect between the SWOT analysis and the strategic linkages presented during the Planning Workshop (January).  Other comments:  believed the “linkages” language was difficult to decipher and in some cases, unintelligible; had difficulty linking the actions of the SWOT with the focus of the Workshop; felt that the discussion was primarily on the linkage of weaknesses/threats, missing the discussions on strengths and opportunities.  The group largely agreed with those comments and it was unclear what use the information gathered during the workshop will be in defining objectives.  Some other comments: the SWOT didn’t seem to serve us; format was new.  Jerry Waldron shared a different perspective: after reviewing the materials from the technology section, he had been able to sort the comments into broad categories that could be forwarded to various IT committee groups for discussion.  Bryan explained that the linkages did pose some difficulty, and that there had been no time to review them before the workshop.  In addition, strengths and opportunities were linked, but the tendency is to comment more toward weaknesses/threats and the discussion often is largely focused on these areas.  Further, there was a great deal of information gathered from the workshop teams, but it had to be sorted and assessed.

3)                  David Rieck provided an update on information circulating through the various governance groups and sub-committees.  Information to be forthcoming.

4)                  Discussion regarding the structure of the plan.  Goals and objectives were emphasized.  Clarification was provided regarding the reference to items as themes.  Themes were identified to avoid communicating that the goals had been predetermined.  The plan will identify goals and objectives.


Target: 5-7 goals with approximately 5 objectives supporting each goal.  These are general parameters.  A goal should be both broad and mission-focused.  Objectives are primary outcomes of each goal.  The plan will not identify specific outcomes or strategies to accomplish each objective.

5)                  Began to refine the strategic goals.  All goals are preliminary and in DRAFT wording.

Action:       Eliminated “the University will optimize enrollment through planned growth.” Determined to be an objective of several goals.

Action:       Agreed to draft goal: The University will provide academically superior undergraduate and graduate education.

Action:       Agreed to draft goal:  The University will provide an environment that promotes student success.  Comments:  What does student-centeredness mean?

Action:       Agreed to draft goal:  The University will be an active partner with the external community (to benefit Maryland and the region).

Action:       Agreed to draft goal:  The University will advance student and workforce diversity while preparing students to function in a global society.

Action:       Debated with no consensus.  Tabled for next meeting.  “The University will secure alternative resources to accomplish its mission.”

No Action on: “The University will promote effective integration of technology in academic, administrative, and instructional support.”


6)                  Changed meeting time to Tuesday’s 7:15 am—8:45 am.

7)                  Adjourned.  Next meeting.  Tuesday, March 18, 7:15 am—8:45 am, Commons Food Court.


Recorder: Bryan Price