Salisbury University


Strategic Planning Team




October 31, 2002


Members present:Bryan Price, Chair, Alice Bahr, Maureen Belich, Nicole Brown, David Buchanan, Timothy Dunn, Jane Danť, Becky Emery, Judy Fischer, Joel Jenne, Kent Kimmel, Kevin Mann, Anjali Pandey, David Rieck, Alan Selser, Jerry Waldron, Ellen Zinner

Guests: Betsey Corby


A regular meeting of the Strategic Planning Team (SPT) was held in the PCR at 3 p.m.



Dr. Bahr presented an extensive review of the many influences affecting the current and future directions of libraries.Items of note included rising journal costs, evolving roles of the librarian and the dwindling supply, e-sources, integrating the widest array of instructional resources with the changing demands of teaching faculty, and diminishing funds for library and holdings enhancements.A handout was provided.(The handout is on the web at


2)      Presentation: Financial Trends and Issues by Dr. David Buchanan and Mr. Alan Selser

Dr Buchanan and Mr. Selser led the Strategic Planning Team through a PowerPoint presentation on the current financial trends affecting both the University and the state.Trends included: declining state revenues as a percentage of the institutional budget, competition for funds among numerous agencies, higher education often seen as an expense instead of and more accurately an investment, and the tension between enrollment growth and dwindling state resources during economic downturns.Also discussed were trends in other statesóMarylandís and SUís financial situation is not isolated.(The presentation is on the web at and is best viewed in Internet Explorer)


3)     Handout: Potential Gaps between Salisbury University and the MHEC Plan: October 2002 by Bryan Price.

A handout was provided that focused on the potential gaps between the MHEC Plan and the SU Plan.This was intended to streamline review of the two plans by focusing on the potential gaps instead of the numerous overlaps.Gaps may be appropriate given SUís mission.The handout can be located on the web at ../EnvScans/State Plan-Gaps 02.docThere was no additional discussion.


4)     The SPT was reminded that the next meeting would be on November 7, 3 pm, in the Montgomery Room.




The meeting was adjourned at approximately 4:30 p.m.